empty coffee cans for sale

Metal coffee can
Size: 100x100x130mmH
MOQ:3000 pcs
Varnish: glossy ,matt or UV spot

This metal coffee can was made as promotional gifts for coffee drinkers. when it comes to coffee and tea promotions, brand promotional tissue box is the top choice for marketing gifts. Because this empty coffee cans are always present in our breakfast tables. Thus this offers marketing managers an excellent way to showcase their brand in a unique way. With your promotional gift metal coffee tins, your brand will be the first thing your customers will see in the morning. Thus, this creates an instant call to action and keeps your brand on top of their minds all day.

Box styles:
Tissue box made by tin box 
MOQ:3000 PCS
Advance:We are 10 years tin box exporter and manufacturer, good price and premium quality

empty coffee cans with lidsempty coffee cansmetal coffee can

Are you interested in promotional custom tin packaging for your brand? Tin Star can provide different sizes and shapes of tin items for your product, if we donot have suitable one,  we can creat a new mold within 15 or 20 days to reach your product demand. So please contact us for design, sourcing and manufacturing.

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